Pictures Puppy Party / Foto’s Puppyborrel

The garden is complete chaos, especially since there aren’t any plants or trees left in the front part. Heavy rainfall made things even worse, but I’d prefer not to talk about that right now… Let’s talk about happy things!

We went to the Puppy Party at Leonbergers van het Hof van Eden last Sunday. It was a gathering of all the future owners of the puppies from the M-2 litter on which we were given a lot of useful information about how to deal with those first weeks with a puppy in the house. Oli and I still remembered a lot of things that were told from when we got Killian two years ago; but it’s amazing how fast you forget about the small things that seemed so obvious back then.

Despite the weather (drousy, windy and rather cold), we had a lovely afternoon among all those lovely Leo’s – the puppies as well as the adults. The owners of Jazzie (Killian’s friend and our puppy-to-be’s auntie) were there as well and they had a very tasty present for Killian.


De tuin bevindt zich in staat van complete chaos, zeker nu er op het voorste stuk geen planten of bomen meer staan. Hevige regenval maakte de situatie alleen maar erger, maar ik zou het daar nu liever even niet over hebben… Tijd voor leuke dingen!

Afgelopen zondag zijn we naar de Puppyborrel geweest bij Leonbergers Van Het Hof van Eden. Alle toekomstige baasjes van de pups uit het M-2 nestje waren daarbij aanwezig. We kregen we een heleboel nuttige informatie over hoe we het beste omgaan met die eerste weken met een pup in huis. Oli en ik herinnerden ons vele dingen nog wel die er werden verteld van twee jaar geleden, toen we Killian in huis haalden. Al is het toch opvallend hoe snel je de kleine zaken vergeet terwijl die toen zo vanzelfsprekend waren.

Ondanks het weer dat alweer niet helemaal meezat (koud, wind, regenachtig), was het een heel leuke namiddag tussen al die mooie Leo’s – zowel de pups als de grote exemplaren. De baasjes van Jazzie (Killian’s blogvriendinnetje en tante van onze puppy-in-spé) waren er ook en ze hadden een lekker cadeautje bij voor Killian.

pups week 6 (photo courtesy Leonbergers van het Hof van Eden)
 2235027-a69a59a0cd96312bc5a218e66089fbf7 2235027-cfe5eb4763cbf568e73697e2cd8dd30e 2235032-9b9993f9473f62a75b95724a782bc75b 2235032-04679196a3c254ef92f5fe8664dc2283 2235032-b73d1a4be4c24ff1f0335a855cc1ac7c

Our own pictures / Onze eigen foto’s:
947061_10200625609415424_1863320230_n 306989_10200625607775383_1153250057_n 400812_10200625610135442_1899759437_n 933976_10200625608935412_737199217_n 943330_10200625610255445_1359379253_n 944355_10200625610015439_1738882021_n

Killian was very happy with his gift! / Killian was heel blij met zijn cadeautje!


One thought on “Pictures Puppy Party / Foto’s Puppyborrel

  1. Hi Killian!

    Our overseas visitors left this morning so we’re FINALLY starting to catch up!!! 🙂 My goodness – I can’t believe all the things that have been happening in your household! First of all – belated Happy Birthday to both you & Willow – sorry I missed it! And CONGRATULATIONS on your new puppy!!! That is so exciting! We have been so enjoying the puppy pictures – and Hsin-Yi loves Leonbergers – they were on her shortlist of giant breeds, except that they had longer fur and you know my humans are useless with grooming. But they are beautiful dogs – I can just see you with your new puppy already – you’re going to be great friends!! 😀

    We haven’t managed to catch up with all your posts yet – but we’ll come back and read the rest later. Hsin-Yi is really keen to look at the Whitsunday pictures – she says your human always takes such amazing photos! We LOVE the action shots of you & Fleur playing – and that was such a cute one of her lying on your front legs! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane

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