Latest News!

It’s been a while since we last wrote an update, but things have been very busy over here, so I didn’t find the time to do much blogging lately. In order to make things up to our readers, here’s an overload of photos!

There are a couple of pictures from the visit of Inca and Jona about a week ago, from the weekend hike we did yesterday as well as our visit to the in-laws today. Enjoy!


Het is even geleden sinds onze laatste update, maar het is een heksenketel geweest bij ons, waardoor ik niet meteen de tijd vond om te bloggen. Om het goed te maken bij onze lezers, volgt hieronder een overdosis aan foto’s!

Er zijn enkele foto’s van het bezoekje van Inca en Jona vorige week, van onze weekendwandeling van gisteren en van het bezoekje aan de schoonouders in West-Vlaanderen vandaag. Veel plezier!

Axxes & Indy keeping each other warm!

with Jona & Inca
1468601_10201715202614573_1229840366_n 1464750_10201715202574572_1819540018_n 1456557_10201715202534571_1390739869_n
Playing in the garden
IMG_6283 IMG_6300 IMG_6303 IMG_6315 IMG_6322 IMG_6324 IMG_6335 IMG_6395 IMG_6397IMG_6346IMG_6359IMG_6362IMG_6363 
Out hiking
Family visit!


One thought on “Latest News!

  1. Howdy Killian and Ophelia, we LOVE your photos. They are beautiful and you live in a beautiful place. We like that in some photos you look so well behaved and others you are acting a little cracker, hehe. Did you have to have a bath after your walk? I, Rory, don’t like baths. Mum has to give me a sponge bath. I know I’m a sook but I can’t help it hehe. Take care mates. No worries, and slobber, Rory and Stella

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