Fun @ Dog Park Nieuwenhoven


We took Killian & Ophelia to the dog park in Nieuwenhoven, where they could play with Jill, Kosi and where they met new Leonberger, Border Collie and Greyhound friends. The dogs behaved very well, even though it was their first visit to this dog park, so it was new and yet-to-be-discovered territory with dogs they met for the first time. But everything went fine and if I look at how tired they are, I can see that they had a great time. And actually: so did we. It’s always nice to meet new dogminded people.

WP_20131222_002 WP_20131222_003 WP_20131222_004 WP_20131222_006 WP_20131222_008 WP_20131222_013 WP_20131222_015 WP_20131222_016

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