Sunny weekend


Another week has passed, and last weekend we were spoiled with very nice weather – especially yesterday (Sunday). We went out for a hike through the fields and found yet another route with nice views, which leads up to the so-called castle of Velm.

I tested the new gear I bought for going on the road with Ophelia: a K9 harness and an elastic leash that I can click onto a special belt with several pockets. I bought it because I’m planning on slowly building up with Ophelia to take her with me when I go jogging. The new equipment is very handy – it even makes it easier for me to take the camera with me on walks/hikes, because I have my hands free to take pictures, even if Ophelia is walking on a leash.
IMG_7697 IMG_7701 IMG_7704 IMG_7709 IMG_7715 IMG_7720 IMG_7725
out on a hike
IMG_7755 IMG_7757 IMG_7759
Ophelia’s new K9-outfit! (Killian wanted to try it on as well…)
WP_20140109_004 WP_20140109_012 WP_20140109_013

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