Last week in photos / De afgelopen week in foto’s

The chickens are over the moon with their new outdoor space. / De kippen zijn dolgelukkig met hun grotere buitenren.
IMG_9397 IMG_9400 IMG_9414 IMG_9422 IMG_9425 IMG_9431 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9452 IMG_9455 IMG_9469 IMG_9470 IMG_9479 IMG_9487
Killian & Ophelia played with water on the warmest days. / Killian & Ophelia speelden op de warmste dagen met water.
IMG_9496 IMG_9497 IMG_9509 IMG_9535 IMG_9545 IMG_9553 IMG_9566 IMG_9568 IMG_9578 IMG_9584
Lots of flowers in the backyard. / Veel bloemen in de tuin.
IMG_9383 IMG_9385 IMG_9387 IMG_9388

Out walking on a misty morning, and an encounter with two cute bunnies. / Op wandel op een mistige ochtend en een ontmoeting met twee schattige konijntjes. IMG_9596IMG_9597IMG_9600IMG_9605IMG_9612IMG_9614IMG_9615IMG_9628IMG_9639IMG_9641IMG_9646IMG_9647IMG_9648 IMG_9681
The all Australian farm near to our house: complete with Ostriches, Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Stock Horses. / De op Australië geïnspireerde boerderij bij ons in de buurt: compleet met struisvogels, Australian Cattle Dogs en Australische Stock Horses.
Beautiful landscapes… / Mooie landschappen…
IMG_9658 IMG_9663
Things got quite busy up high in the air! / Het werd druk boven in de lucht!
Spring is here: insects are coming out of hibernation. / Met de intrede van de lente ontwaken insecten uit hun winterslaap.
IMG_9678IMG_9680  IMG_9686


One thought on “Last week in photos / De afgelopen week in foto’s

  1. Howdy Killian and Ophelia, nice chooks (Aussie slang for chicken hehe) you have at your place. We don’t have chooks but our neighbour does and we watch them through our fence. Love the pool play and the slobber. Looks like you had a grreat week and we enjoyed all your photos. Take care mates.
    No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

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