The London adventures Part I: Some sightseeing in London & dogs on holiday

 10168893_10203580751182360_789728937_n 10172444_10203576200468595_966875436_o 10173383_10203589008868797_198816040_n 10178409_10203608898846034_52624501_n 10248813_10203576198788553_1653739330_n 10248852_10203603409988816_938384544_n 10248866_10203604404853687_1625991221_n 10248966_10203604053844912_599549628_n 10248992_10203603872400376_1160188230_n 10250672_10203604187048242_443950932_n 10250686_10203587861520114_1938997714_n 10250887_10203604197488503_351689639_n 10250903_10203604188128269_357517952_n 10253369_10203587860560090_1486525949_n 10255876_10203587859560065_554110637_n

IMG_0274 IMG_0300 IMG_0298 IMG_0296b&w IMG_0289 IMG_0287 IMG_0281 IMG_0280 IMG_0277 IMG_2029 IMG_2028 IMG_2027 IMG_2023 IMG_2021 IMG_2020 IMG_2018 IMG_2016 IMG_1946  IMG_1935 IMG_1933  IMG_1927 IMG_1926 IMG_1925 IMG_1754 IMG_1752 IMG_1750 IMG_1746 IMG_1743 IMG_0347 IMG_0343 IMG_0340 IMG_0339 IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0334 IMG_0330 IMG_0329 IMG_0319 IMG_0318 IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0313 IMG_0312 IMG_0309 IMG_0306 IMG_0305 IMG_0302 IMG_0301WP_20140413_004 WP_20140413_002

2 thoughts on “The London adventures Part I: Some sightseeing in London & dogs on holiday

  1. Great photos! I love the ones of all four dogs together. Particularly the one that looks they’re all having a conversation. Too cute! Gorgeous dogs.

    • I think the dogs had as much fun as we did during their week at a friend’s house. 🙂 It was great that they all got along so well. They spent this week sleeping, they were so tired of playing all the time! 🙂

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