Nearly there


Still some packing to do and some last preparations have to be made, but we’re almost ready! Two weeks ago, we moved the chickens to their new home at the in-laws’. They’re getting used to their new environment and neigbours (other chickens, a goose and a couple of sheep).

With them gone, it’s over to us… The cats are ready to be moved, they all have a microchip and they got the necessary vaccinations to be allowed to cross the border. The dogs have to pay one more visit to the vet tomorrow and then they’re ready too. We’ve almost finished packing – except for the things we still need on a daily basis. Meanwile, the cats think that the house is transforming into one big playground with boxes everywhere.

We had dinner with our families and last Saturday we really enjoyed our goodbye party with friends and neighbours.

Only a couple of days to go now!






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